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Upcoming Events
Tue, Sep 15Varsity Soccer (H) vs MoellerT 1-10-4-2
Wed, Sep 16Varsity B Golf (A) vs St. Xavier BL 164-149 / 2nd of 2 / Mikey Schutte 38
 Varsity Golf (A) vs Mason/Anderson/MilfordW 150-152 / 1st of 4 / Luke Lammers 34 / New team and individual Elder course records!
 Junior Varsity Golf (H) vs MoellerT 184-184 / 2nd of 2 / Connor Perdue 44 / Elder loses on 5th man tiebreaker (48-50)
 Junior Varsity B Soccer (H) vs MoellerT 0-02-2-2
Thu, Sep 17Junior Varsity Golf (H) vs Covington CatholicW 174-184 / 1st of 2 / Mikey Schutte 38
 Freshman Football (H) vs Moeller BW 14-04-0
Fri, Sep 18Varsity Football (H) vs MoellerW 35-222-2
Sat, Sep 19Varsity B Golf (A) competes in the Bishop Watterson Invitational Tournament.9:30 AMClover Valley Golf Club
 Junior Varsity Football (A) vs Moeller10:00 AMMoeller High School
 Junior Varsity B Soccer (H) vs Summit11:00 AMPanther Athletic Complex
 Freshman Football (A) vs Moeller12:00 PMMoeller High School
 Junior Varsity A Soccer (A) vs Colerain5:00 PMColerain High School
 Varsity Soccer (A) vs Colerain7:00 PMColerain High School
Sun, Sep 20Varsity Golf (A) vs GCL Tournament1:00 PMBeavercreek
Mon, Sep 21Varsity Golf (A) vs GCL Tournament10:00 AMGlenview Golf Course
 Junior Varsity Golf (H) vs Oak Hills4:00 PMMill Golf Course
Tue, Sep 22Junior Varsity B Soccer (A) vs La Salle2:30 PMTBD
 Junior Varsity Golf (H) vs St. Xavier3:40 PMMiami Whitewater Forest Golf Course
 Varsity B Golf (A) vs Springboro4:00 PMEvent Cancelled / Match canceled due to COVID-19
 Junior Varsity A Soccer (A) vs La Salle5:00 PMLa Salle High School
 Varsity Soccer (A) vs La Salle7:00 PMLa Salle High School
Wed, Sep 23Freshman Football (H) vs Princeton5:30 PMElder - 'The Pit'
Thu, Sep 24Junior Varsity Golf (A) vs GCL Quad - Moeller3:30 PMHickory Woods Golf Course
Fri, Sep 25Varsity Football (A) vs Walnut Hills7:00 PMWalnut Hills
Sat, Sep 26Junior Varsity Football (H) vs La Salle High School10:00 AMElder High School
 Varsity Cross Country (A) vs Midwest Catholic Championship11:00 AMIndian Riffle Park
 Junior Varsity A Soccer (A) vs Lakota West5:00 PMLakota West High School
 Varsity Soccer (A) vs Lakota West7:00 PMLakota West High School
 Varsity Golf (A) vs Covington Catholic InvitationalTBAEvent Cancelled / Tournament canceled due to COVID-19
Mon, Sep 28Junior Varsity B Soccer (A) vs LebanonTBAEvent Cancelled
Tue, Sep 29Junior Varsity Golf (H) vs Fairfield3:40 AMMiami Whitewater Forest Golf Course / Match Play
 Varsity B Golf (A) vs Lakota East B4:00 PMWildwood G.C. / Rescheduled from 8/18
 Junior Varsity A Soccer (A) vs St. Xavier5:00 PMSt. Xavier
 Varsity Soccer (A) vs St. Xavier7:00 PMSt. Xavier
Wed, Sep 30Junior Varsity B Soccer (A) vs St. Xavier2:30 PMSt. Xavier
 Varsity B Golf (H) vs St. Xavier B4:00 PMHidden Valley Lake Golf Course
 Freshman Football (A) vs St. Xavier5:30 PMSt. Xavier
Thu, Oct 01Freshman Football (A) vs St. Xavier B5:30 PMSt. Xavier High School
Fri, Oct 02Varsity Football (A) vs Indianapolis Cathedral7:00 PMArlington Middle School
Sat, Oct 03Junior Varsity Football (H) vs St. Xavier10:00 AMElder - 'The Pit'
 Junior Varsity A Soccer (A) vs Highlands11:00 AMHighlands High School
 Junior Varsity B Soccer (H) vs Milford11:00 AMPanther Athletic Complex
 Varsity Soccer (A) vs Highlands1:00 PMHighlands High School
 Varsity Golf (H) competes in the Best of the West Invitational Tournament.2:00 PMMiami Whitewater Forest Golf Course
 Varsity Cross Country (A) vs St. Xavier Invitational6:50 PMSt. Xavier High School
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