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EHSports Streaming Video FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Will the general public be able to attend football games in The Pit this season?

Due to restrictions on attendance for sporting events in Ohio, only the families of players will be able to attend games in person this season.


Can I still watch or listen to the games?

Yes!  For all 5 home games this season, a crew of talented student volunteers under the leadership of Elder’s technology department will offer a live video stream available for fans to watch worldwide.  Additionally the Prep Sports Radio Network will return again this season to broadcast Elder football games on Sacred Heart Catholic Radio and online.


Where can I find the link to watch Elder football games?

Each week on the day of the game, links to watch Elder football home games will be posted in the following locations:

The home page of Elder athletics:

On Twitter:                                         @EHSports  and @ElderHighSchool

On Facebook:                         and


Is there any cost to watch the live video stream?

Starting in 2020, fans will need to purchase a “ticket” to view the live video stream each week for $10.


Is this something new Elder trying for the first time?

Elder was actually the first high school in Ohio to produce a live video stream of a sporting event. We’ve been doing this since 2003. Since then the school has produced scores of live streams for football, soccer,  basketball, baseball, hockey, wrestling and volleyball events.


Will there be enough capacity to handle all of the fans who want to watch?

Yes.  Once again in 2020, Elder will utilize the BoxCast platform to offer live video streaming of home football games.  BoxCast’s platform is hosted on and built to take full advantage of Amazon Web Services--the undisputed leading provider of cloud computing--including Amazon’s CloudFront content distribution network.  BoxCast also utilizes HTTP Live Streaming which was originally created by Apple and is now supported by a multitude of devices and browsers.


How do payments work?

Payments are made via credit card and will be handled directly on the broadcast page on .


Once I make the purchase will I receive a confirmation email?

When you purchase a ticket you will be sent a confirmation email. In that email, you will find a receipt for your purchase and a "Watch Broadcast" button that will redirect you to the link you need to watch your event.  If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, it’s always a good idea to check your spam or junk folder.


I am having trouble purchasing a ticket, what do I do?

If you are having trouble paying for a broadcast you could be running into one of two issues:

1.) Your browser is not agreeing with the payment process. Switch to a different browser or a different device and try again.


2.) Your anti-virus / security software (e.g. Kaspersky) may be blocking you from using our payment system. If you add (if paying via credit card) to the "Safe Money" list (or other list of allowed sites) that may solve the issue.


Is the ticket purchase process secure?

Yes.  The purchase process uses the online payment system which offers 256-bit encryption.


How far in advance before kick off can I start the stream to be sure everything is working?

The live stream usually begins one hour prior to kick off.  


Do I need a high speed Internet connection to watch the stream?

While a high speed Internet connection is strongly recommended, it is not required.  BoxCast offers multiple streaming bitrates which will automatically adapt to the speed and quality of your connection.  Using a hardwired or WiFi connection should provide a better experience than a cellphone network.  Remember that some mobile phone providers may intentionally throttle streaming video quality.


What is the ideal setup to watch the game?

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer connected to your TV via an HDMI cable.


What does an HDMI port look like?  

The HDMI port on both your computer and TV looks like this


Your TV should have one or more on the back or side.


What does an HDMI cable look like?

The ends of an HDMI look like this

HDMI cables can be purchased online or in stores for between $5 and $10.


Do I need to connect my computer to my TV?

Of course not.  That is simply a recommendation for how to watch on a bigger screen.  Live video streams on can be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer.  They can also be viewed in the browser on smartphones or tablets.


Can I use my smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, etc. to watch the game?

Due to app store regulations requiring payment to be shared with Apple, Roku, etc. the BoxCast app for those respective devices does not support viewing ticketed events.

If you have a Chromecast device or your smart TV has a Chromecast built in, the Chrome browser will allow you to cast a browser tab to the TV/Chromecast. Similarly for Apple TV you should be able to AirPlay from Safari on your iOS/MacOS device to an Apple TV.


Can I rewatch the game later?

Games can only be viewed live and will not be available after gameday.


How can I listen to Elder football games?

In Cincinnati, you can listen on Sacred Heart Catholic Radio on the following stations:

        AM 740 WNOP (Delhi)                 View coverage map

        AM 910 WPFB (Middletown)         View coverage map

        FM 89.5 WHSS (Hamilton)            View coverage map

Additionally, you can listen online via  or


I purchased the EHS Mobile Sports app in the past.  Will that allow me to watch this season without paying?

The previous app purchase covered the technology to enable a free video stream in the app. Free video streaming is no longer available in 2020.


What does the warning message “Too many active devices” mean?

When you purchase a ticket to a broadcast on BoxCast, you'll notice a message in the email footer that grants you the right to view on only one simultaneous device:


This ticket grants you the right to one simultaneous view. Note that abuse of the ticket is tracked and monitored.   If you receive the following message, BoxCast has detected that too many devices are attempting to watch the broadcast using the ticket you purchased.


There are too many active devices watching with this ticket.

This ticket grants the right for one device to watch this broadcast concurrently.


If you want to switch to a different playback device (e.g. from laptop to tablet or phone), you can do so but will need to close any browser windows or devices that are still open to the page watching the broadcast.  Then refresh the page on the device you would like to watch on.

If you would like to watch on additional playback devices concurrently, you will need to purchase additional tickets.

If you'd like to share the broadcast with friends and family, please use the social sharing buttons (Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter) rather than forwarding them your ticket purchase receipt.


I’m interested to learn more about the technology behind Internet streaming.  Is there a nerdy technical description?

Of course.  Here’s BoxCast’s own explanation of how their systems work.