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Elder News Network

The Elder News Network (ENN), has been the primary streaming service for Elder Athletics since 2003. 

ENN covers Elder Athletics and other events going in and around Elder in many different forms, from live broadcasting, capturing video to make highlights, and interviewing students, staff, and alumni of Elder. 

ENN is committed to high-quality productions that spread the message of Elder High School all around the world. 

The Elder News Network has seen in the last 2+ decades, millions of viewers from all over the world watch our content. 

In 2003, Elder was the first to broadcast a high school sporting event over the internet in the world. Watch a video about it here.

In November of 2018, ENN started a Twitter and Instagram page to post content directly to our audience for people to stay connected with Elder. On our social media accounts, you will see highlights from games, interviews with players and coaches, and info regarding our streams. Since 2018, ENN Social Media accounts have seen over 5 million views. 

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Over the years, the equipment has gotten better and so has the production value of the broadcasts. From one camera broadcast to 4+ camera broadcasts with wireless cameras down on the field to capture players' emotions. 

In 2020, Elder committed to improving the studio and broadcast equipment for students to improve the quality of the broadcasts and to sharpen their skills for the future, post-graduation from Elder. The new studio, located in the Schaper Center, has a TriCaster and Replay System and a full-fledged studio with professional equipment. The equipment that Elder owns, is the same equipment that the professionals use. The broadcasts are directed from the studio, cameramen and commentators are the only ones on-site at the venue for the broadcast thanks to our fiber connections. 

Also in 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the world to adapt and figure out ways to bring an event to more and more people that couldn't attend because of limits to spectator capacity. We had to broadcast the Class of 2020's graduation over 4 separate nights. The need for broadcasts grew this year, we stepped up and streamed over 130 Elder Broadcasts. For much of the 2020-2021 Sports Season capacity was only allowed at 25%, so the majority of the audience was watching from home. 

The future is looking bright for Elder and the Elder News Network. 

If you are a student at Elder and are interested in being apart of ENN, contact Mr. Fuell: or Mr. Rogers: